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malltigo App – mall that i go. Our aim is to be the #1 App for shopping malls providing services to Shoppers and a platform for shop operators in shopping malls to engage them by offering store directory, location map, parking information. Merchants like yourself can login to our cloud software to publish promotions, sell coupons and setup your own shopping cart (coming soon) so your shoppers can buy your merchandise anytime they want!


Features Store Logo And Indicators For Active Promotion/Coupon/Sale


Personalised Store Profile Page


Detailed Information on Store Page


Promotion Page


Coupon Page


e-Commerce Page (Coming Soon)

So what is the catch?

Nothing! As the login account will be free perpetually for you to maintain your own business so shoppers can see how YOU want them to see! We do not need your billing information and you can try our beta features like publishing push promotion, coupons for 3 months free. There is no billing from us thereafter and the login account will still be your perpetually free!

When we complete our beta for advance features such as push promotion, coupons and shopping cart, we will offer you options to subscript to them at special rate for all our beta Merchants. You can decide to opt-in the paid option after the beta.

This is an opt-in features, in short:
1. Claim your login account – Free perpetually!
2. Access to our Beta features such as Push Promotion, Coupons
3. Decide to opt-in or out after the 3 months beta features trial
4. No billing if you opt-out after trial

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